I’m Jung-Hoon Han, a doctoral candidate in Management & Organization at the Smeal College of Business, the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Smeal, I earned a Master’s degree in International Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Yonsei University, South Korea.

My research program centers around how audiences’ or stakeholders’ perception of an actor—be it an individual or an organization—shapes the actor’s behavior and outcome. In our lives, we often come to realize that how people perceive a person or a firm matters as much as, or perhaps even more than, what the person or the firm actually does. This observation has led me to delve into the social evaluations literature. Particularly, I do research on the influence of status, reputation, and celebrity on an actor’s behavior and/or audiences’ perception of the behavior.

My second area of research covers the domain of organizational misconduct. What fascinates me in this domain is the practical significance of understanding the antecedents and consequences of misconduct, given its surprising pervasiveness and perniciousness. What also intrigues me is that stakeholders’ interpretation of and reactions to the instances of misconduct are much driven by sociocognitive processes that even eclipse the actual facts about the instances. Bringing in the social evaluations perspective, I study how firms’ social standings and prior behaviors shape stakeholders’ reactions to misconduct.

All in all, I see myself as a researcher sitting at the intersection of organization theory and strategic management. For more detailed information about my research projects and credentials, please refer to my CV (download).

In personal life, I’m a cinema fan with an omnivorous taste. Although it’s quite painful to name only few favorites, “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” and the “Marvel cinematic franchise” would definitely top the list. Birdman—with its subtitle telling how I ended up doing PhD—makes me think about what it takes to pursue something in professional and personal lives and the Avengers provide me with vicarious pleasures of flying across the universe without having to fight extraterrestrial beings. My enthusiasm in cinema is reflected in my research project on the multiple (i.e., artistic and commercial) status hierarchies, as well as in my obsession with entitling manuscripts with movie titles.

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